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The most racerz online at once was 30!
Server Status: Online And Revving
What Do You Want To See? - 11th-May-19 @ 19:07:06
What is it mostly you want to see is it a new layout something different? a new feature or a feature improved?

comment below and ill sort it.
Property Update - 2nd-May-19 @ 10:02:12
Property's will be dropped tonight so be online for a chance to grab one.
GTA Ranks - 16th-Apr-19 @ 13:47:24
Just a quick note guys i will be resetting GTA stats (failed success and total) this is due to the new rank system that i have implemented and the numbers won't add up as you will see it will for example say total of 300 but successful 12 and failed 18, that will not equal to 300 so for this to work out correct i need to reset the counters, hope you understand.

sorry about this people.
Welcome Back! - 13th-Apr-19 @ 22:31:07
Hello and welcome back to SR, yes we know we said it wouldn't return but as we seen quite abit of activity on the facebook page (According to insights on facebook) we have decided to reopen the old game and continue to work on the new site on the side, Sr will still be updated so any new ideas you feel could improve the game just let us know and we will sort it.
New prop rules - 22nd-Jul-18 @ 18:58:54

Car Dealers 2.5b
Tune shop 2.5b
All casinos 1b
Airport 500m
Fuel station 1.5b

Max flight price 50k
Max fuel price £150

560s 3.5b
Credits capped to 5m on market

Max of 2 props per user!

Props can be sold for cash or credits only! All other items such as cars can only be sold for cash!

Users caught violating the rules will have the props, cash and items removed.

Unstocked props will be messaged. Owners have 168 hours to restock or it will be removed and auctioned off.